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Best Hair Color In Pakistan

In the modern era, if we talk about beauty and don’t talk about hair color we are not even talking about beauty. Hair color has become a mandatory part of the beauty industry. People are demanding high quality hair color and most companies are coming up with the best they have. In this blog, we’ll talk about the best hair colors in Pakistan. 

Hair Color Brands 

  1. Eazicolor Professional
  2. Belini Hair Color
  3. Keune Pakistan
  4. Loreal 
  5. Osmo Ikon
  6. Garnier
  7. Freecia
  8. Revlon
  9. Wella

Eazicolor Professional

On the top of our best hair color in Pakistan list is Eazicolor. Eazicolor has been working in the hair industry since 2015. It is purely made in the Pakistan brand. They are offering synthetic hair color and have secured the title of 1st synthetic hair color of Pakistan. The reason to put Eazicolor on the top of the list is its range of hair colors, the quality of its products, and top of most but not least its price range. 

Moreover, they are offering permanent hair color (contains ammonia) and semi permanent hair color (ammonia-free).

Eazicolor hair color ranges:

Being a hair color brand, Eazicolor does not just offer a single hair color but also a complete range of hair colors. The list includes names mentioned below

  1. Eazicolor Professional Tube
  2. Eazicolor Hair Color For Women
  3. Eazicolor Hair Color For Men (Head, Beard)
Eazicolor Professional Hair Color:

Eazicolor Professional Hair Color is the best hair color product to offer from this Pakistani brand. It is a permanent and synthetic hair color with 71 classy and innovative hair color shades. The quality of this premium product is not second to none. A wide range of natural hair color shades, funky hair color shades, and mixing colors give it a pretty huge boost in the hair industry. Its main ingredients are Chroma Technology, Omega-9, and Vitamin E.

Eazicolor Professional Tube

Eazicolor Hair Color For Women:

The second range of Eazicolor is their hair color for women. The offers a complete kit pack in this hair color range named as “Eazicolor Premium Hair Color for Women”. It is an ammonia free hair color with 12 hair color shades. Unlike other hair color solutions, they offer a complete kit pack with a bundle of accessories. It includes a hair color tube, developer of 20 volume, a hair mask sachet, color lock shampoo, and other accessories. Its completeness gives it a different spot and fan following as well.

Eazicolor hair color for women

Eazicolor Hair Color For Men

Eazicolor has not forgotten about men’s hair color desires. They are also offering a complete hair color solution for men’s hair color needs. Either it is hair color for men’s head, or it is hair color for beard, they offer both. They offer hair color for men’s head and hair color for beard. These products are named “Eazicolor Premium Kit Pack For Men’s Head” and “Eazicolor Premium Kit Pack For Men’s Beard”. 

Both products are available in 4 natural hair color shades. The highlighting and key factor of both these products is that they are ammonia free. Like the Eazicolor Premium Kit Pack for Women, it also has all the necessary products and accessories in it. It includes a hair color tube, developer of 20 volume, hair mask, and color lock shampoo. 

Eazicolor hair color for men's head

Price Range:

As we have mentioned, one of the key factors for Eazicolor being at the top of the list is its price.

  • Eazicolor Professional Tube is available for 565 PKR.
  • Eazicolor Premium Kit Pack for Women is available to buy for 600 PKR.
  • Eazicolor Premium Kit Pack for Men (Head, Beard) is available for 475 PKR.

Belini Hair Color

Belini hair color is one of the fan favorite hair color brands in Pakistan. They prove the phrase “Produce Less, Produce Quality” true which is why they have secured the 2nd spot in our list of best hair colors in Pakistan. They have been producing hair color in Pakistan since 2010. One of the Belini’s noticeable things is their formulation and the other is their price range. There are a few amazing facts about this hair color brand that they claim, Belini hair color sachet is a permanent hair color while being ammonia free. Belini is available in every corner of the country and easily accessible to anyone who wants to color their hair.

Hair Color Range:

Unlike others, belini does not have a bundle of hair color ranges. They have only 2 hair color ranges which are mentioned below.

  1. Belini hair color sachet
  2. Belini hair color tube
Belini Hair Color Sachet:

Belini hair color sachet is an innovation of its own. Yes! You are getting it right. The hair color sachet has the most creative formula in the hair industry that’s why they hold second place in our list. They claim that belini sachet is a permanent hair color while being an ammonia free product. Research says that ammonia is a key ingredient to make a hair color permanent. That is the reason belini is getting famous day by day and people are loving it. It’s easy to use and allergy free properties making it dominant in the field. This premium hair color sachet is available in 7 hair color shades.

Belini Sachet

Belini Hair Color Tube

Belini hair color tube is the second range of belini. It is a complete hair color solution with 12 hair color shades. It is a kit pack that contains all important hair dyeing accessories in it. 

Belini hair color tube

Price Range:
  • Belini sachet is available for purchase for just 100 PKR.
  • Belini hair color tube comes with the price of 250 PKR.

Keune Pakistan

Keune has been serving hair color users for a long time and they are at no 3 on our list of best hair colors in Pakistan. Keune is not a Pakistani brand and is not manufactured in Pakistan. But they are working in Pakistan as an independent hair color brand. Furthermore, the quality keune brings with it is exceptional. When you are going to talk about hair color with anyone in the audience, most of them will talk about keune hair color. Isn’t it amazing?

Hair Color Range Of Keune:

Keune offers multiple hair color ranges and these are mentioned below

  1. Keune Tinta Series
  2. Keune Color Chameleon (Direct Dye)
  3. So Pure Natural Balance
  4. Dream Color
  5. Color Craving
Keune Tinta Series:

Keune Tinta is a well known and trending hair color series by Keune. It has 50+ hair color shades that are pretty dope. Keune Tinta series is a demi permanent and ammonia free hair color series. No matter if you need a natural hair color shade, blonde, ash, or any other funky hair color, You just need to come to Keune and get it for your hair. Keune tinta hair color tube’s main ingredients are Boswellia Serrata Gum, Cocamide MEA, Castor Oil & silsoft.

keune tinta series

Keune Color Chameleon

Keune color chameleon is a considerably handy product. It is a direct apply hair color. You don’t need any individual hair color developer or any third party ingredient to use it. Just open it and apply it to your hair. Isn’t it amazing and useful. There are 9 hair color shades available in this product. Its main ingredients are Pro Vitamin B5 & Solamer.

Keune chameleon

So Pure Natural Balance

Keune So Pure Natural Balance series is an ammonia free semi permanent hair color series. It comes with organic ingredients with 100% grey hair coverage and long lasting properties. There are 51 hair color options available in this series. The highlighting feature of this series is their hair color shades. Due to creative hair color shades, this series is trending right now.

Keune so pure hair color

Dream Color

The Keune Dream color kit pack is an ideal hair color solution for home usage. It is a complete kit pack that has a hair color tube and a hair color developer in it. Its easy to use property and 15 shade options present it as a worthy hair color option. Its key ingredients are Contain Marine Extracts, Pheneylediamines, Resorcinal, ammonia, and Hydrogen Peroxide. 

keune dream hair color

Color Craving

Keune Color Craving hair color series is a direct apply hair color with instant results. It comes with ready to use formulation and puts up a great challenge to the competitors. It is available in 8 innovative hair color shades. Its focusable ingredients are Nourishing conditioning cream base with added silk proteins, Solamer for UV protection. 

keune color craving

Price Range:
  • The Tinta series price range falls between 1440 PKR to 2765 PKR.
  • Color Chameleon is available between 1795 PKR to 5245 PKR.
  • So Pure Natural Balance is available to buy for 2110 PKR.
  • You can buy Dream Color for 2535 PKR.
  • Color Craving comes with a price of 1640 PKR.

Loreal Paris

Loreal is an international brand that has been serving since 1989. Loreal is one of the earliest brands in the cosmetic industry. It comes with devastating net sales all over the world. No other brand comes closer to L’oreal in terms of sales, quality, and innovation. Loreal does not just offer hair products, it provides a vast range of skin and face products as well. The hair color industry is incomplete without loreal and this list as well. 

Loreal Hair Color Range

As we have already mentioned, loreal is an international brand and it is not manufactured in Pakistan. A few of its hair color products are available in Pakistan. The available hair color are mentioned below.

  1. Loreal Paris Excellence
L’oreal Paris Excellence

In which Loreal Paris Excellence Hair Color is on top. Its shade card has been loaded with amazing 24 hair color shades. It is a complete kit pack that offers complete grey hair coverage. Loreal excellence hair color contains each and every hair color accessory that you need in a hair color application. Fashion shades, natural shades, or anything else, you can get your hair color shade as well. 

Loreal hair color

Price Range

Loreal Paris Excellence is available to buy for 2799 PKR.

Osmo Ikon

Osmo Ikon is a Canadian hair brand that offers advanced hair color, hair care, and hair styling products. They have been offering these premium products since 2001 and expanding like wildfire. Osmo’s name is not renowned in Pakistan but believe us it is worth using. 

Osmo Hair Color Range

Osmo offers multiple color ranges where permanent hair color and semi permanent hair color falls. These ranges are mentioned below.

  1. Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Color
  2. Osmo Ikon Color Psycho
  3. Osmo Ikon Color Revive
Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Color

Osmo Ikon’s permanent hair color is leading Osmo’s hair color range. It is a vegan friendly range of permanent hair colors formulated with Micro-Connective Technology, Chia Oil, and Tamanu Seed Extract to deliver even, multi-dimensional shine and consistently perfect results at every stage of the coloring process. It comes with 82 classy hair color shades that do wonders to your hair. 

Osmo hair color tube

Osmo Ikon Color Psycho

Osmo ikon color psycho is a semi permanent hair color series that transforms hair amazingly. It comes with 15 wild shades to create unlimited pastel effects. 

Osmo color Psycho

Osmo Ikon Color Revive

Osmo Ikon Color Revive is a semi permanent hair color series that assures instant hair color effects. With a superfast three minute processing time, Colour Revive nourishing avocado oil and linseed oil infused formula helps restore salon color vibrancy for silky, soft hair. It brings 11 hair color shades with it to create wonders in the town.

Osmo color revive

Price Range
  • Osmo Ikon Permanent Hair Color is available for 1290 PKR.
  • Osmo Ikon Color Psycho comes with the price of 1995 PKR.
  • Osmo Ikon Color Revive is available to buy at the price of 2150 PKR.


Garnier is one of the user’s favorite brands around the globe. It does not just provide hair color but a wide range of other cosmetic products that take care of your skin and face as well. It has been established since 1904 and achieved a lot more than its competitors around the globe. Garnier has expanded its existence in hair color, hair care, hair styling, and other treatments. Each and every product of Garnier has something to say that “I am the best”.

Garnier Hair Color Range

Garniers bless their user with multiple hair color series like ultra color, color retouch, and Olia around the globe but in Pakistan, only Garnier color natural hair color is available from their hair color ranges.

  1. Garnier Color Natural Hair Color
Garnier Color Natural Hair Color

Garnier natural hair color is a permanent hair color that comes in a complete kit pack. It contains natural ingredients like Olive Oil that nourish hair while coloring. There are 11 hair color shades available in the Garnier color natural hair color series. 

garnier hair color

Price Range

Garnier color natural hair color is available for 999 PKR in Pakistan.

Freecia Hair Color

Freecia is a rapidly growing brand in Pakistan. Its origin is from Ontario Canada and then it further expanded to Asia, regions of South-east Asia, Africa & Latin America. Freecia is not as famous as other brands on our list but they are doing pretty well in the market. They are contributing to hair color, hair care, and hair treatments on a larger scale. 

Freecia hair color range

Freecia is offering both permanent hair color and semi permanent hair color series. These series come with multiple hair color shades and stylish packaging. 

  1. Freecia Hair Color
  2. Keratonz Semi Permanent Hair Color
Freecia Hair Color Tube

Freecia hair color tube is a permanent hair color and is available in 91 dominating hair color hues. Its enhanced and advanced color infusing technology is a valuable addition to this color that makes hair color transmission smooth. It revives dull hair color (Glossing) and is very handy in getting new hair color shades. The key factor of this product is that it contains natural fruit extract which saves hair from damage during the hair color process.

freecia hair color

Keratonz Semi Permanent Hair Color

Keratonz is a semi permanent hair color series that does not contain ammonia. The word keratonz first few words represent the involvement of keratin in this product. It is one of the few hair colors that have keratin protein in it. Its conditioning properties leave hair with a shiny and amazing look. It comes with 11 hair color shades. These hair color shades are not ordinary shades but represent natural factors as well. 

freecia keratonz

Price Range

  • Freecia Hair Color comes with a price of 1000 PKR.
    Keratonz Semi Permanent hair color is available to buy for 2630 PKR.

Revlon Hair Color

Our next hair color brand on our list is Revlon Hair Color. It is an international brand that was introduced in 1912 and produced its 1st product in 1916. Revlon basically is a cosmetic company that produces makeup products and accessories on a larger scale. They also extend their variety with skin and hair products. Their hair colors are quality oriented and loved by users in different regions of the globe. Unlike other countries, Pakistani users tend to show more interest in Revlon due to its popularity around the globe. 

Revlon Hair Color Range

Revlone always produces a complete hair color solution. It comes up in the form of a kit pack that contains each and every necessary item in it. Globally they offer a wide range of hair color products for example: Permanent hair colors and demi permanent hair color, But in Pakistan there is only a series that is available to buy

  1. Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color
Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful hair color is a permanent hair color. The kit pack provides a complete hair color solution with a budget friendly approach. It offers 100% grey hair coverage and salon quality hair color and shine at home.  Revlon’s 3D Color Gel Technology delivers natural looking, multi-tonal color from root to tip providing definition and boosting your hair’s dimension. It comes with attractive 41 hair color shades that add charm to your hair with one time use.

revlon hair color

Price Range

Revlone’s hair color price in Pakistan is 850 PKR.


Wella is a pure hair color brand that produces a massive number of hair products in the industry. Wella’s mother company was established in 1880 who made the basis for wigs at that time. Later on, they developed their existence and brought innovation with their other hair products in the early 19s. They are offering a devastatingly large number of hair color and hair care products globally that show their interest, love, and passion for this industry. Whether it is hair color, hair care, or hair treatment, they are bringing some innovation with their products. Unfortunately, not all their ranges are available in Pakistan.

Wella Hair Color Range

Besides their massive hair color range, not all of them are available in Pakistan. There are a few hair color ranges that are mentioned below that are available for Pakistani consumers.

  1. Wella Koleston Series
  2. Wella Soft Color
Wella Koleston Series

The Wella Koleston series is a top notch series of Wella. It has been Formulated with ME+ dye technology to reduce the risk of developing a new allergy to hair color. It comes with Ultra precision color technology that provides pure, balanced color results with natural depth and shine. 

According to Wella they use 85.5% natural ingredients in their Koleston series. It has been formulated with a Metal Purifier that helps to prevent hair damage caused by metals. Your best ally to get ultra-precise color results and keep healthy looking hair color after color. The user does not need to use pre-treatment to neutralize metal when coloring with Koleston Perfect. Wella brings the massive 169 hair color shades in their Wella Koleston series.

Wella Soft Color

Wella soft hair color is an ammonia free semi permanent hair color. It comes with a complete package that does have mandatory hair color accessories in it. It does not just offer a hair color facility but also offers hair care as well. Its natural ingredients like Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Aloe vera make its composition rich and healthy for hair. It comes with 13 hair color shades.

wella soft hair color

Price Range
  • Wella koleston series is available between 750 to 1700 PKR.
  • Wella soft color has a price of 1500 PKR.

The Bottom Line

The hair color industry has grown in Pakistan and the demand for hair color is increasing day by day. In this tough competition, a few are able to deliver according to customer expectations. Wissenify has picked the best hair colors in Pakistan in this list. The core idea behind the list is to provide the consumer with the best and highlight the brands that are adding value to this industry. Some brands take the edge with their quality and a few with their prices. But rare companies give the consumer both. The more rare the brand is the more heights it has got in our list.

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