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Best Hair Masks In Pakistan

In today’s world, we are facing continuous changes in our environment. These environmental factors are far more damaging than we think. Along with other body parts, these environmental factors are making the worst impact on our hair. A large group of the total global population is facing hair health problems that are getting worse and worse with time. These problems are damaged hair, frizzy and rough hair, a few roots/scalp problems, dandruff problems, and many more.

So the question is how can we overcome these hair problems? The answer is by taking care of our hair. To do this we need to consult a dermatologist or hair expert for a healthy hair care routine. The better a hair care routine will be, the more healthy hair we will sustain. So, you might think we should add to our hair care routine to make it worthy for your crown. 

The question should be addressed. As far as the problem is concerned, a hair mask is a core part of anyone’s hair care routine.

What Is A Hair Mask?

So after all these hair problems, the main point is to think about what is a hair mask and whether is it worth putting on our hair. The question is worthy to be answered. The hair mask is a cosmetic innovation that adds moisture and locks it in your hair. When the natural moisture flies away from hair and hair porosity (know about hair porosity here) gets a boost in it, a hair mask comes to aid. Companies use natural ingredients in hair masks to build a natural feel. 

Furthermore, hundreds of companies are coming up with their own hair masks. As usual, Wissenify picks the best hair masks in Pakistan that make your hair dream come true. These mentioned below hair masks end your search of yours for finding the best hair mask for your hair.

Best Hair Masks

In our list of best hair masks in Pakistan, we have compared almost every hair mask available in Pakistan. these premium hair masks have been ranked based on their prices, ingredients, and core features,

  1. Mama organic hair mask with onion and avocado oil
  2. Vince care Biotin & Keratin hair mask
  3. Eazicare intensive deep repair hair mask
  4. Keune care keratin smooth mask
  5. Saeed Ghani hair masks
  6. Osmo Intensive deep repair hair mask
  7. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer B6 + Biotin Professional Hair Mask
  8. Bremod keratin rejuvenating hair mask
  9. Freecia sweet almond oil hair mask

Mama Organic Hair Mask With Onion And Avocado Oil

Mama Organic hair mask with onion and avocado oil is no second to another. The premium hair mask fulfills “Mama Organic” promise by containing natural and organic ingredients like Onion extract, Avocado, Almond, and Castor Oil. It hydrates the scalps and locks the moisture in it. Any individual can get glossy results after using this quality product.

Featured Benefits Of Mama Organic Hair Mask

  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Increase hair volume
  • Strengthen Hair
  • Locks the moisture 
Price Range

Mama organic hair mask price is 1000 PKR.

Mama Organic Hair Mask

Vince Care Biotin & Keratin Hair Mask

Vince Care is getting the spotlight by offering quality oriented and budget friendly products. They are also coming with their range of hair masks to serve the audience with the best. Vince Care biotin and keratin hair mask is an example of their devotion and quality in the field. This premium hair mask is an optimal option for those individuals who need restoration power in their hair. Vince Care hair mask has biotin and keratin ingredients in it that offer restoration and smoothening in your hair. 

Featured Benefits Of Vince Care Biotin & Keratin Hair Mask

  • Stops hair fall
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Helps to grow hair fast
  • Adds extra shine and strength to hair
  • Free of salts, sulfates, and parabens
  • Damage Free hair mask
Price Range:

The price of Vince Care biotin and keratin hair mask is 1540 PKR.

Vince Care Hair Mask

Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask

Eazicolor is one of the finest hair related brands working in Pakistan. They produce one of the finest hair masks “Eazicare Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask” which contains Aloe Vera, Argan Oil in it. They call it “All In One Solution” for hair due to its nourishing and damage healing properties. Eazicare hair mask comes in 4 sizes. The premium hair mask proves itself a worthy and considerable hair mask in the field by moisturizing your hair and providing intensive and deep repair to chemical treated hair.

Featured Benefits Of Eazicare Hair Mask

  • Locks the moisture in hair
  • Remove and prevent split ends
  • Heals the damage done during chemical treatments
  • Adds elasticity to your hair
  • Makes hair healthy and shiny
Price Range:

Eazicare hair mask price is between 485 PKR to 1860 PKR.

Eazicare hair mask

Keune Care Keratin Smooth Hair Mask

Keune care keratin smooth hair mask is worth mentioning in this list. The premium hair mask comes on top by stepping up on its ingredients which are keratin and keravis. The keratin particles in it go deep down the cortex and make it smoother and shinier while its keravis part helps hair to become stronger and avoid hair breakage. The composition of this hair mask adds moisture to your hair and sustains it to get maximum elasticity in hair. Keune care keratin hair mask comes with quality and trust of keune and guarantees a complete boost up for your hair.

Featured Benefits Of Keune Hair Mask

  • Makes the hair structure straighter and smoother
  • Adds shine and strength to the hair
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Damage free
Price Range

Keune hair mask is available for 5200 PKR.

Keune hair mask

Saeed Ghani Hair Mask

Saeed Ghani hair mask is another mind blowing work done by Saeed Ghani brand. They are famous for their organic products. Like their other products, their hair mask also has natural products like Amla. This is the perfect hair mask to take care of hair at home. It adds strength to hair roots and makes them invulnerable. Unlike other hair masks, Saeed Ghani’s hair mask does not have a backlash to worry about.

Featured Benefits Of Saeed Ghani Hair Mask

  • Control hair fall
  • Strengthen hair roots
  • Makes hair healthy and soft
  • Prevent Dandruff
  • Adds silkiness to hair
Price Range

Saeed Ghani hair mask price is just 350 PKR.

Saeed Ghani Hair Mask

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask

Osmo intensive deep repair hair mask justifies its name by repairing damaged hair deeply and intensively. The hair mask proves its worth by doing magic on stressed, heat traumatized, and over processed hair. This premium hair mask restores the natural moisture and leaves the hair in a shiny, sleeky, and healthy look. The infusion of its formulation with Jojoba oil, a rich source of vitamins makes an impact in the hair industry.

Featured Benefits Of Osmo Hair Mask

  • Contains Jojoba oil
  • Restores, and add the moisture
  • Magician for treated hair
  • Heal chemically damaged hair
  • Cruelty free
Price Range

Osmo hair mask comes with a price of 890 PKR to 3290 PKR.

Osmo Ikon Hair Mask

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer Professional Hair Mask

When talking about the best and loreal do not come into the list, Is it possible? Coming on the spot with Loreal hair mask. This hair mask contains vitamin B6 and biotin in it that instantly nullify hair breakage and add resilience to hair. It provides deep conditioning to the hair that ultimately lets the hair absorb the moisture. Loreal hair mask brings your hair back from doom to its peak and sustains it for a long time. Making your hair strong, soft, and resilient is its main goal.

Featured Benefits Of Loreal Hair Mask

  • Contains Vitamin B6 and Biotin
  • Provides deep conditioning
  • Stops hair breakage
  • Brings back treated hair to health
  • Prevents split ends
Price Range

Loreal hair mask price in Pakistan is 6600 PKR.

Loreal hair mask

Bremod Keratin Rejuvenating Hair Mask

Bremod is also participating in the hair care industry with its cute products. Although, they do not have a massive fan following a few of their products are pretty impressive. One of those products is bremod keratin rejuvenating hair mask. Like other hair masks on our list, this hair mask also provides energy, strength, and elasticity to hair. Still, unlike other hair masks it contains Keratin, Macadamia nut oils essence, and antioxidant compounds, which effectively regain healthy PH value and repair damaged hair after color and perm. It keeps hair shiny and captivating for a long time.

Featured Benefits Of Bremod Hair Mask

  • Its keratin ingredients help to make hair silky and shiny
  • Macadamia nut oil makes hair shiny and healthy
  • Restores lost moisture in the hair
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Maintains pH level of hair
Price Range

The price of bremod hair mask is 2900 PKR.

Bremod hair mask

Freecia Sweet Almond Oil Hair Mask

Freecia sweet almond oil hair mask is worth to giving a shot due to its capability to do a deep nourishing treatment to hair. It has sweet almond oil that not just offers shiny and lively hair but a complete strength to hair. It proves itself an admirable product by blessing hair with a complete advantage against dullness, damage, and dryness.

Featured Benefits Of Freecia Hair Mask

  • Offers a deep nourishing treatment
  • Best for dull dry and damaged hair
  • Makes hair healthy and shiny
Price range

Freecia hair mask is available for purchase with a price between 300 to 4200 PKR.

Freecia hair mask

The Bottom Line

By observing the necessity of hair, a hair mask is probably a compulsory instrument that should be included in the hair care routine. The above mentioned list has some of the mind blowing hair masks in the industry that can fulfill the dream of your hair. The hair masks in the list have the same qualities because they share the name “Hair Mask”. Brands add some extra ingredients that make some difference and address different problems of the hair. If you are looking for a hair mask, Wissenfiy makes it easy for you to select the best hair mask in Pakistan.

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